flex7 modular lighting connection and control products were used in phase two of a prestigious business park near Aberdeen. Prime Four Business Park is an ultra high-spec development of offices, communal areas and leisure facilities. flex7 products were installed in the 70,000 square foot, state-of-the-art office of Premier Oil.

Prime Four Aberdeen

Daylight Dimming Control

flex7 fns3400 Daylight linking lighting controls were used in all open plan office space. Luminaires along window rows were programmed to dim down whenever there is sufficient natural daylight. The level of light required in a room can be set using a flex7 Setup Remote Control. This daylight harvesting is a simple yet effective way to cut down on energy usage, whilst ensuring that occupants are provided with optimum light levels at all times.

Occupancy Control

flex7 fns1200 plug-in controls with occupancy were used in all other areas. This type of lighting control ensures that lights in any area only remain on whilst the space is occupied. Lights will automatically switch off after a set timeout period, if occupancy is not detected. The timeout period can be selected by the user, and programmed using a flex7 Setup Remote Control. Fnh/slave Sensor Heads were used in these large areas to extend the coverage of a single controller unit. Up to 5 fnh/slaves can be plugged-in parallel with one Master Sensor Head, increasing the detection range up to 6 fold.

Money Saving Options

flex7 products were compared to other lighting control systems with a computer front-end, and found to give the same level of control at a fraction of the cost. The installer friendly nature of the product, and easy set-up procedure were also major considerations, along with the fact that once installed, no commissioning was required
Photo credits: Ben Kirkpatrick

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