Pool Street West, UCLE Campus


Flex7 lighting connection products, including more than 4000 luminaire leads, over 700 Dual Control Starter Boxes, and 140 Auxiliary Adaptor Boxes have been installed at Pool Street West the new world-class UCLE campus located on Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.

Pool Street West, UCLE Campus2021-08-03T12:35:09+00:00

Innovation Centre – University of Northampton


Flex7 Lighting connection and control products have been specified and installed in the £8.5m Innovation Centre at The University of Northampton.

Innovation Centre – University of Northampton2016-10-27T20:08:15+00:00

The Discovery Centre – University of Dundee


The flex7 System, a range of lighting connection & control products manufactured by Flex Connectors Limited, was recently installed in the 4,530m² Discovery Centre at Dundee University.

The Discovery Centre – University of Dundee2016-10-27T20:08:15+00:00

Matthew Boulton College


Flex Connectors’ lighting connection and control products were used throughout Matthew Boulton College’s new £37.9m state-of-the art premises in the centre of Birmingham.

Matthew Boulton College2017-02-09T11:27:12+00:00

Technium Building, Pembroke


As benfits accommodation for young businesses which focus on the energy sector, the new Technium building at Pembroke Dock incorporates a range of energy-efficient lighting control products from Flex Connectors.

Technium Building, Pembroke2016-10-27T20:08:15+00:00