flex7 were able to provide a solution that avoided having to use a fully addressable DALI system, which would have involved time consuming & expensive design and commissioning.

The £10.5 million project is a combined primary school and nursery. Its buildings are being constructed to operate at Net Zero, helping reduce their environmental impact whilst also playing a part in reducing the school’s energy bills. The project includes air source heat pumps, variable temperature heating systems, energy efficient LED lighting with daylight linking, and natural ventilation units with heat recover, and PV panels on the roof.

The client required DALI dimmable fittings in all classrooms, with 3 separate switchable & dimmable rows, one with daylight dimming. The light closest to the teaching wall also needed to be switched on/off separately when required, to avoid glare.

A separate LCM was used to control each row with our 2nd Switch Relay Controls for linked control of the teaching wall. All flex7 LCMs are suitable for dimmable and non-dimmable luminaires. Daylight linking was enabled in classrooms on window rows, ensuring that a constant light level can be maintained (which is set using a setup remote control).

Lighting controls were networked to share occupancy between rows, so all lights go off when the classroom has been empty for a set period of time allowing optimum energy saving.