flex7 is made in britain

47% of UK businesses, and 58% of the public prefer to buy products manufactured in the UK, over alternatives that have been imported from abroad.

43% of UK businesses have experienced delays on goods from other countries in the last year.

Of those that do prefer to buy goods made in Britain 64% say it’s important to them “to help/support the UK economy and jobs” while 50% say “trust in British products” is a deciding factor.

Made in Britain 2023 Survey results revealed

These are all findings of Made in Britain’s annual Buying British survey 2023. Knowing how important it is to our customers to be able to easily distinguish products that are made in the UK was one of the driving factors for us joining Made in Britain. We’re proud to display the Made in Britain mark to reassure our customers that our products are manufactured in the UK.

Our lighting connection and control products are manufactured using tools that we designed and own. We have a close relationship with our component suppliers, all of whom are based in the UK. Injection mouldings come from Cumbria, metal pressings from Worcestershire, turned metal parts from Worcestershire and Staffordshire, and PCBs from Hertfordshire and Hampshire. All these components are delivered to our Twyford factory for assembly into finished products.