Hartham Leisure Centre

The £9m refurbishment project involves a new 2-storey extension, and improvements to the current building.

Facilities include a brand new 120-piece state of the art gym, 2 new group fitness studios, a 4-storey soft play area with sensory room, new reception area, and café with outside seating.

Products used in the project include Lighting Distribution Boxes, and Expansion Boxes. A Lighting Distribution Box allows the installer to plug in up to 12 luminaires using flex7 Cable Mount Plugs. These can either be ordered prewired to save time, or wired up by the installer on site. Expansion Boxes can be used to increase the capacity of a flex7 Lighting Distribution Box. They simply plug directly into a Distribution Box, or can be located further away from the first box by using an Expansion Lead to bridge the distance.

Daylight linking lighting controls provided a way to maximize energy savings by utilising daylight whenever possible; lights automatically dim down whenever there is sufficient natural light in a space. In larger areas where a single PIR sensor head wasn’t sufficient, auxiliary heads were used to extend coverage. Up to 5 Auxiliary Heads can plug-in parallel with an existing Master Sensor Head, increasing the detection range up to 6-fold.