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25 years of flex7

We turned 25 this October, so after patting ourselves on the back and blowing out the candles on our imaginary cake it felt like a good time to reflect on what we've done differently, and why..

Hartham Leisure Centre

The £9m refurbishment project involves a new 2-storey extension, and improvements to the current building. Facilities include a brand new 120-piece state of the art gym, 2 new group fitness studios, a 4-storey soft play area with sensory room, new reception area, and café with outside seating. Products used in the project [...]

Made in Britain 2023 Survey Results

47% of UK businesses, and 58% of the public prefer to buy products manufactured in the UK, over alternatives that have been imported from abroad.

Facepunch Studios Ltd

Birmingham’s tallest office block boasts 230,084 sq. ft of office space and stands 26 storeys high. The building has a BREEAM accreditation of Excellent and an EPC Rating A.

Allander Leisure Centre

Over 300 lighting distribution boxes, and approx. 2000 Luminaire leads were installed on the project. Starter Distribution Boxes were provided in 2, 4 ,6 ,8, 10 and 12-way variations and Expansion Distribution Boxes in 2, 4, 6, and 8-way variations

BBC Studio at Kelvin Hall

Flex7 were chosen because the contractor wanted a system that was simple to install, from a company who would happily provide technical assistance on site if needed.