flex7 Lighting connection & control

– save time, hassle and money on your next installation

How the flex7 System works

The flex7 System is a fully modular, prefabricated lighting connection and control system. Products simply plug together on site meaning that it can be installed in a fraction of the time that a traditionally wired system could be completed. Reduced on-site terminations also means less requirement for skilled labour on site.

Our wide client base encompasses commercial, education, healthcare, public, high street and transport sectors across the UK and Ireland. The flex7 System is suited to use anywhere, from an individual meeting room to an entire luxury office block; our solution can be as simple, or as complex as you require.

Read our applications guide to see how easy our lighting connection and control system is to install.

Latest News

Chapel Hill Primary School, Basildon

flex7 were able to provide a solution that avoided having to use a fully addressable DALI system, which would have involved time consuming & expensive design and commissioning.

Latest News

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