The history of flex7

We started life as Flex Connectors Ltd in 1998, but by 2018 our product range, The flex7 System was so well known in the marketplace that we took the decision to rebrand as flex7 Ltd. We’re now one of the UK’s primary manufacturers of lighting connection & control products designed specifically for the commercial building sector. We have a reputation for high quality, user-friendly products, and excellent customer service and can proudly boast the most comprehensive portfolio of standard products amongst our UK based contemporaries.

We’ve gained a wealth of knowledge in the last 20+ years, supplying millions of products for thousands of installations including schools, universities, hospitals, offices, airports, hotels, Retail, and other commercial properties.

The company was formed in Brentford, Middlesex in October 1998, and has been growing ever since – from a small factory with 5 employees, to our current premises in Twyford with over 50 staff. In early 2000, after 18 months of design and development, we launched the flex7 7-pole plug and Lighting Distribution Box. We’re very proud that flex7 had the vision and forethought to introduce a 7-pole system to the market well over a decade before any of our competitors realised what a brilliant idea it was!

Group of flex7 lighting connection and control products

What we do… differently

When it comes to world firsts it’s fair to say we’ve had our share. The flex7 System was the first 7‑pole lighting connection system on the market. It was 10 years before any of our competitors followed suit. This was followed by the introduction of the smallest sensor head of its type when we added lighting controls to our range in 2003. The latest addition to our product range is Prota plug-in ceiling rose; the world’s first (and only) 7-pole ‘decorative’ ceiling rose.

We like to keep on top of what’s going on in the industry and recognising the potential danger to life of using PVC or LSF cable in public buildings, we default to low smoke halogen free (LSHF) as standard. For many years we’ve promoted the benefits of installing LSHF cable in buildings that could potentially have a high density of human footfall, so you won’t be surprised that we’ve been strong advocates of the CPR’s mandatory rules in respect of a cable’s reaction to fire since its introduction to the UK in July 2017.


We are the only UK based lighting connection and control company who design and manufacture their entire product range. We believe vehemently that products originating from the same in-house design team, rather than disparate suppliers around the globe, result in a system whose components fit perfectly with each other to provide the best user experience possible.

Made in Britain

Manufacturing in Britain is not the cheapest option but the benefits of communicating with our partners over relatively short distances rather than different time zones, the financial boost going directly into our economy, the safeguarding of British manufacturing and jobs, the certainty of knowing people are working in safe environments and being treated well, not to mention the positive effect on our carbon footprint, far outweigh the perceived financial benefits as far as we’re concerned.

For all these reasons we’re proud to be members of Made in Britain

flex7 is made in britain

Our Management Team

Steve Garton
Steve GartonChairman
Andrea Garton
Andrea GartonDirector
Paul Bellamy
Paul BellamyManaging Director
Rebecca Daly
Rebecca DalyFinancial Controller