The history of flex7

Established in 1998, flex7 is a British company that specialises in lighting connection & control products. All products are both designed and manufactured in the UK. Our design team focuses on creating high quality, user-friendly products. E

Our wide client base encompasses commercial, education, healthcare, public, high street and transport sectors across the UK.

The company was formed in Brentford, Middlesex in October 1998, and has been growing ever since – from a small factory with 5 employees, to our current premises in Twyford with over 50 staff. In early 2000, after 18 months of design and development, we launched the flex7 7-pole plug and Lighting Distribution Box. We’re very proud that flex7 had the vision and forethought to introduce a 7-pole system to the market well over a decade before any of our competitors realised what a brilliant idea it was!

In 2003 we added Lighting Controls to our product range. Including the smallest sensor head of its type, this offered, presence, daylight linking, daylight dependency, manual dimming/switching and remote lighting control. A new and improved plug-in lighting control range was launched in 2008. We now offer, what we believe to be, the greatest (in both senses of the word) lighting controls range on the market.

2011 saw the release of the flex7 eZeBox – this new lighting distribution box replaced the existing fcb and fcb/7 range. The new box comes 7-pole as standard, with a variety of fixing options and a spare socket on the end of the unit.

In 2015 we released the flex7 ZoneLite. A lighting connection and control unit which comes preprogrammed with up to 15 distinct configurations. What started as a fairly limited product range has evolved into one of the most comprehensive lighting connection & lighting control systems available.

2019 heralded the introduction of a whole new product range in the form of Prota plug-in Ceiling Rose. Prota is perfect for use in exposed ceilings, or anywhere that products need to be surface-mounted. Once again, it is the first 7-pole product of its type.

Group of flex7 lighting connection and control products

Made in Britain

Flex7 products are both designed and manufactured in the UK. Component parts are sourced from the UK, and our products are assembled at our factory in Twyford, Berkshire. British engineering has always been held in high regard, and our lighting connection and control system is a perfect example of it. We are proud members of Made in Britain.

Knowing the provenance of the products you’re using is probably important to you. The suppliers we work with are carefully chosen UK based companies, and we’re confident that they will always supply us with high quality components. This means that we in turn, can guarantee that we are supplying you with premium lighting connection and control products.

Our factory in Twyford is a hub of activity. All of our products are made, and then tested on site. We have rigorous procedures in place to ensure that everything that leaves our factory is quality assured.

flex7 is made in britain

Our Management Team

Steve Garton
Steve GartonChairman
Andrea Garton
Andrea GartonDirector
Paul Bellamy
Paul BellamyManaging Director
Rebecca Daly
Rebecca DalyFinancial Controller