Flex7 were chosen because the contractor wanted a system that was simple to install, from a company who would happily provide technical assistance on site if needed.

The new state-of-the-art television studio at Kelvin Hall is 10,500 sq. ft. Sustainability was a key drive in the studio design so lighting controls were specified to maximise energy efficiency. It was a requirement that luminaires in stairwells should automatically dim down to 50% when empty and revert to 100% brightness as soon as occupancy is detected. Flex7 were able to supply special project configured lighting controls which can be programmed to dim down to 50% as required. A mixture of flex7 absence and presence dimming controls were used throughout the rest of the installation.

Black Prota plug-in ceiling roses were also installed on the project, which allow for an aesthetically pleasing finish where lighting connection cannot be hidden out of sight above ceiling tiles.

The space is kitted out with the latest technology, and has the ability to easily adapt as technology continues to advance. The £11.9m project has been funded by the Scottish Government and Glasgow City Council.