flex7 lighting controls installed at BUPA Cromwell Hospital

flex7’s lighting connection & control products in Cromwell Hospital, a state-of-the-art private healthcare facility in Kensington, London

The newly refurbished Chemotherapy Day Unit includes an open plan welcome and reception area and treatment bays. The refurbishment is part of a larger scale hospital expansion.

Flex7 Dual Supply Lighting Connection Boxes were used throughout the project. Dual Supply Boxes are ideal for hospitals and healthcare facilities which require a separate essential and non-essential supply. Each Box is protected by 2 separate devices at the distribution board and can be used to independently control 2 separate groups of luminaires.

Lighting controls were networked using a Corridor Hold Interface, to ensure that lights are always kept on in corridors and areas adjacent to rooms that are occupied. Once an area is vacated, and the preset timeout length reached, lights are programmed to dim down to 20% whilst it remains unoccupied. As soon as presence is detected they will return to full brightness.