An expansion of its existing outpatient and diagnostic centre in Canary Wharf, an £18 million investment will see a new state-of-the-art facility at 40 Bank Street.

Facilities in the new building include GP-led health screenings, specialist consultant-led outpatient clinics and fertility expertise, as well as a comprehensive range of on-site imaging and diagnostics including early pregnancy scanning, mammography, X-ray, and MRI scans.

flex7 Dual Supply Lighting Distribution Boxes were used throughout the project. Protected by 2 separate devices at the distribution board, they can control 2 circuits of luminaires independently of each other, making them perfect for essential / non-essential applications in hospitals and other healthcare environments. Lighting controls were networked to allow common control of switching and dimming without having to sacrifice the 2 independent circuits, which is paramount in a building where separate essential and non-essential supplies are required.

Dual Supply Boxes and IP66 rated Sensor Heads were used in shower areas. The Dual Supply Boxes were used to share power between 2 cubicles, with independent presence detection per cubicle provided by 2 separate control devices and sensor heads plugged into the box.

Double Extender Leads in corridors provided an easy way of connecting the luminaires in rows. The right-angled socket can be used to plug into a local luminaire, while the inline socket continues the circuit to the next fitting. Any of the connected luminaires can be unplugged at any time, without it affecting others in the row.

Onsite training was provided for the contractor prior to installation, to ensure a smooth installation process.