Northampton Uni Innovatin Centre.

Flex7 Lighting connection and control products have been specified and installed in the £8.5m Innovation Centre at The University of Northampton. Flex Connectors were involved in the project from the initial design stage through to customer handover. The flex7 System was chosen for the project due to the flexibility of the product range, and the cost savings associated with the ease of installation.

The flagship building for the Northampton Enterprise Zone consists of 42 flexible office units in a range of sizes, a café and a conference centre over 5 floors.

Absence & Daylight Linking

Absence and daylight linking lighting control was installed throughout the building. flex7 daylight linking controls were set to adjust the lighting in rooms, to take full advantage of natural daylight. They will dim the lights up or down as daylight changes, to maintain a constant light level in a room.  The system operates at protected extra low voltage, and control packs simply plug in to any flex7 eZeBox connection unit.

Corridor Hold

Corridor hold units were used to ensure that corridor lights remain on whenever rooms adjacent to them are occupied. This was particularly important, because the offices in the building are being let individually so the likelihood is that different areas will be occupied at different times. The corridor hold unit itself is self-powered, and can be linked to 8 different rooms or area. Extra inputs can be created by doubling up units, to create 16 in total.

The University of Northampton Innovation Centre is one of the first projects in the Enterprise Zone, an area identified by government as key to developing and sustaining business growth. Businesses based in the Enterprise Zone benefit from business rates relief, infrastructure investment and superfast broadband, providing them with an exciting opportunity to expand and flourish.

Download Northampton University Innovation Centre Case Study