Corridor Hold Unit

In many buildings where energy-saving occupancy sensors are installed, corridor lights can go off when the adjacent rooms and areas are still occupied. It is sometimes necessary or desirable – for safety or security reasons – for the lights to be kept on even when the corridor is empty. The Corridor Hold Unit (fch8/2) provides the solution to this problem. The unit is self powered and designed to allow up to 8 rooms or areas adjacent to a corridor to hold the lights on whilst any of the areas are occupied. If more inputs are required units can be doubled up to create a total of 16 inputs. Note that each input can accept a feed from either: A single lighting control device OR A group of appropriately pre-networked lighting control devices
Corridor Hold Unit
  • Holds lights on in up to 8 rooms/areas
  • Simple plug-in connection

For information:
Sensor Heads output the corridor hold signal whenever occupancy is detected or not yet timed-out. This happens regardless of the state of the lights or the state of any controlling switch.