Timer Management Unit

The ftm100 Timer Unit is designed to hold lights controlled by Control Plus Sensors ON for pre-set time periods during the day. A typical installation would involve holding certain lights ON in a building – often those in corridors and circulation areas, during normal working hours, allowing them to revert to occupancy control at all other times. Timer Units operate by outputting ‘occupancy’ during the timed ON period thus maintaining lights on in areas where they might otherwise be off. If multiple areas are required to be controlled by the same Timer Unit then to avoid occupancy being mutually shared an ftm8 Zone Splitter is available which provides feeds for up to 8 discrete zones. A discrete zone = a single lighting control device OR a group of appropriately pre-networked control devices
Timer Management Unit
  • 21 ON/OFF programmes per week.
  • Automatic summer/winter time changeover.
  • Panel mount option (68mm square hole).
  • Surface mount base with plug-in clock module
  • Integral manual override until next programme change & permanent ON/OFF
  • Requires 230V~ supply.
  • Network output socket (for 1 zone).

*The type of sensors used affects the way the lights behave during a timed on period:

Occupancy sensors

The lights will come ON and stay ON during the timed period (provided that if the sensor is fitted with an override switch, it is not in an ‘override off’ position).

Absence sensors

The lights will not turn ON as a result of the onset of a time period. However during the timed period, if they were ON, they will not timeout.

Absence sensors (with presence enabled)

As above except that lights will turn ON as a result of the onset of a timed period – provided the sensor was timed-out. (presence can be enabled using an frc/set remote control).

Note: Other possibilities exist for controlling networked sensors using the ftm100. Please contact technical support at Flex Connectors for design assistance