3rd Party Control Device Supply Leads

Wherever possible we recommend that lighting is controlled using a suitable plug-in control device selected from our extensive range of PELV sensors and switches. However, there are circumstances where using a 3rd party control device may be necessary. 3rd party control devices usually require hard wiring into an eZeBox, but these leads provide the option to plug the control directly into the eZeBox, thereby maintaining the same flex7 plug-in control philosophy and all its advantages.
3rd party control lead

Key Features

  • Rated 16A 230V.
  • Strong latches for ensuring secure connection.
  • Simple plug-in connection.

2-Core DALI Control Lead

Use with DALI devices (assumed powered by DALI).

Wiring diagram for a flex7 2-core 3rd party control lead.

4-Core Control Lead

Use with 3rd party, 230V on/off control devices.

Wiring diagram for a 4-core 3rd party control lead

5-Core Control Lead

Use with dimmable 3rd party 230V control devices (DSI or DALI).

Wiring Diagram for flex7 5-core 3rd Party Control Lead

6-Core Control Lead

Use with dimmable 3rd party 230V control devices (Analogue, DSI or DALI).

Wiring diagram for flex7 6-core 3rd party control lead

Using a 3rd Party Control Lead