ZoneLite Sensor Heads

The PIR (passive infra-red) detector senses movement of warm bodies against a cooler background and sends the information back to the Lighting Control Pack. The detection pattern is broadly rectangular at 7.4m x 5.6m when fixed at a ceiling height of 2.5m (longest length of detection aligning with the spring clips).
  • Discreet Sensor Head
  • Increase detection 6 fold range by adding extra sensor heads
  • Adjustable timeout period
  • Supply Voltage: 230V~ 50hz
  • Load rating at 230V: 6A max.
  • Max no. of ballasts: 25 (all versions).
fzh/pir (Master Head)

The standard offering for straightforward occupancy sensing. Inbuilt infra-red receiver accepts commands from either the Setup or User hand held Remote Controls, whilst an LED provides indication of operation.

Requires a flex7 ZoneLite and link lead to operate.

fzh/pir/ls (Master Head)

All the features of the fzh/pir but with the addition of a light cell for accurate lux readings under the head.

Requires a flex7 ZoneLite and Link Leads to operate.

fzh/pir/sl (Slave Head)

Up to 5 Slave Heads can plug-in parallel with an existing Master Sensor Head (either of the above), increasing the detection range up to 6 fold. Each Slave Head comes with a ‘Y’ adaptor to facilitate parallel connecting.

Adaptor Plate

Enables either of fnh200, fnh400 or fnh/slave sensor heads to be surface mounted.