Remote Controls

Two types of infra-red remote controls are available for use with our lighting control range: A Setup Remote – to setup and optimize the sensor at or after installation and A User Remote – to offer the end user an additional level of control.

Setup Remote Control

flex7 Setup remote control
  • Use to change timeout settings, light levels and other operational modes during commissioning.
  • Note: Factory default timeout is 20 mins.

Ordering info

Product description Part number
Setup Remote Control FRC/SET

User Remote Control

flex7 User Remote control
  • Use post installation to operate luminaires and brighten/dim. Stores and recalls up to 6 configurable light levels.
  • On/off and brighten/dim commands from FRC/USER are temporary, meaning the system reverts back to its commissioned state on time-out.
  • Comes complete with wall holster and self-adhesive pads.
  • Note: intended for end-user, not installer.

Ordering info

Product description Part number
User Remote Control FRC/USER