ZoneLite Remote Controls

Two types of infra-red remote controls are available for use with out lighting control range: A Setup Remote – to setup and optimize the sensor at or after installation and A User Remote – to offer the end user an additional level of control
ZoneLite Remote Control
  • Simple, user-friendly functionality
  • Compact design
  • Complete with holster
Sensor heads come factory set with a timeout period of 20 minutes but for other timeouts, setting the light level, or setting up for other operational modes* a Setup Remote Control will be required.

*Depending on the type of sensor up to 3 operational modes can be enabled/disabled.

Daylight Dependency
Applicable only where the sensor includes an fnz/pir/ls type sensor head

Manual Dimming (at switch)
Applicable only if the Control Pack is a dimming version and wall switch is retractive type.

Presence Detection
Applicable only in absence mode where wall switch is retractive type (an increasingly popular form of control – a hybrid of occupancy and absence operation). .

Providing additional control for the end user it comes complete with its own holster with self adhesive pads ready for immediate attachment to wall, desk, computer etc.

Can be used on any Master Sensor Head to operate the lights on or off but is particularly suited to the Series 3000/4000 dimming type to provide dim up/dim down, as well as the ability to store and recall up to 6 discreet light levels.