flex7 installed at Homerton College, Cambridge

The New North Wing is a £3.8 million, 4-storey building with an auditorium and 2 music rooms on the ground floor, and 18 en-suite guest bedrooms, spread over the remaining 3 floors.

flex7 lighting connection and control was chosen for use in University of Cambridge’s Homerton College North Building.

Flex7 lighting distribution boxes and luminaire leads were used in the new auditorium, which boast retractable seating, and can be adapted for a variety of different uses, including musical performances, conferences, and lectures.

Further lighting connection products along with daylight linking occupancy and absence sensors from flex7 were used in the music rooms, circulation areas, and 18 bedroom en-suites.

Flex7 Double Extender Luminaire Leads were used in corridors. The luminaire leads are ideal for use in corridors because they have an extra socket set at a right angle to the inline socket. This socket can be used to plug into a luminaire while the inline socket continues the circuit to the next fitting. Unlike similar systems, any luminaire in the row can be unplugged without affecting any of the others.

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