flex7 Lighting connection and control products have been used in the recent £9.5m redevelopment of The Moy’s End Stand at Peterborough United football stadium. The project includes a 3000sqm specialist education centre, linked to the stand.

The building was designed to reach a BREEAM excellent standard.


Absence Control

flex7 absence and daylight linking lighting control was installed throughout the building. flex7 absence sensors save energy by turning lights off once an area has been occupied for a pre-determined period of time. This length of time can be programmed using a setup remote control. Unlike occupancy sensing, if absence sensing is programmed then lights need to be turned on at the switch. This means that the potential for energy saving is greater, as lights are only ever turned on when needed.

Daylight Linking Control

flex7 daylight linking controls are programmed to adjust lights up or down, to take full advantage of natural daylight. They will dim the lights up or down as daylight changes, to maintain a constant (preset) light level in a room. Control packs simply plug in to any flex7 eZeBox connection unit.

Emergency Key Switch

The consultant requested a local emergency key switch with manual dimming and absence control in all offices, store rooms and WC areas. A flex7 fnc2000/E was used, which plugs directly into any of the eZeBox range of connection units or a 7-pole single socket outlet. Working with a switch or together with a sensor head, the device controls the connected mains rated luminaires ON/OFF and is able to carry out an emergency test. Any connected switch or sensor head will operate at PELV.

Only 1 switch drop was needed to control both dimming and emergency switching in any room where an fnc2000/E was used. Because the fnc2000E operates at protected extra low voltage, it does not need to be enclosed, or require an RCD to be compliant with the 17th edition wiring regulations.

Why Use flex7

flex7 products were chosen because of the flexibility of the product range and because the system is pre-fabricated, which ensured quick and easy installation on site.

Download Peterborough FC case study