A simple plug and play solution

Our newest offering is the flex7 Scene Setting Kit for conference rooms. It offers a plug & play lighting connection and control solution that allows the user to set and recall 4 individual scenes.

All products in the kit simply plug together, saving significant time on site, and reducing the need for skilled labour. Once the system is installed there is no need for expensive commissioning, as the wall mounted scene setting plate can easily be programmed by the end user.

Key Features

Key features of the kit include:

  • Full plug and play connection for rapid, simple installation.
  • 4 scenes can be set (with simple pin code security access) and recalled by the user.
  • Euromod style construction can be mounted in any electrical accessories manufacturer’s frame.
  • Integrated emergency light test facility.
  • Absence PIR control to automatically switch lights off when the meeting room is vacant.
  • Switch or dim (via DALI/DSI ballasts) luminaires across 4 channels.