flex7 lighting controls are available with the added benefit of integrated emergency test. This feature can save time during both installation, and when carrying out periodic testing.

Benefits when installing our lighting controls

Using flex7 lighting controls guarantees a quick and simple installation. All control devices in the range simply plug-into any eZeBox or Single Socket Outlet, and in turn switch drop & sensor leads simply plug-into the control device.

Our lighting controls operate at protected extra low voltage, so the voltage at the test switch will operate at below 50V, in fact our system actually operates at 5V.

Benefits when performing emergency test using our lighting controls

It is the responsibility of the owner or person who ‘has control’ of a building to ensure that the emergency lighting system is in full working order.

A monthly short duration test must be carried out on all emergency lights to ensure that they are in working order.

On top of this monthly testing, emergency lights must also pass an annual full duration test to prove that lights will remain on for their full rated duration, should mains power be lost.

flex7 lighting controls offer a solution that can save you significant time when carrying out these routine tests. Our lighting controls can easily be networked together meaning that rather than testing each circuit or phase separately, you can simply use one master key switch to test emergency luminaires across multiple circuits or even phases.

Because our lighting controls operate at protected extra low voltage, networking your lighting controls in this way also avoids scenarios where multiple key switches are grouped in a centralised, multi-gang enclosure with the potential for numerous 230V circuits and the likely presence of 415V, which may require extra labelling as per regulation 514.10.1 of BS 7671.

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