Zone Splitter

Use a Zone Splitter to connect up to 8 groups of luminaires in separate areas to a single Timer Management Interface.  
flex7 Zone Splitter

Key features

  • Use to connect luminaires in up to 8 separate areas to a Timer Management Interface eg. all zones are lit by Timer Management Interface during programmed hours, but revert to being separately controlled at all other times.
  • The Splitter does not require a mains supply and is connected to a Control Module and the Timer Management Interface via plug-in Network Leads.
  • Each Splitter accepts up to 1 x inputs with 8 x outputs, but it is possible to link 2 or more together, increasing the number of possible outputs in multiples of 8.

Ordering info

Product description Part number
2-Zone Splitter – 2 outputs / 1 input FTM2Z
8-Zone Splitter – 8 outputs / 2 inputs FTM8Z