flex7 lighting connection and control products were recently installed in unique new motorway services on the M5. The pre-fabricated, plug and play philosophy of the flex7 System allowed for quick and simple installation.

Gloucester-Westmorland Services

Time Saving

Single Socket Outlets and eZeBox Expansion Units were connected with pre-wired plugs. This meant that the system could simply be plugged together on site, resulting in reduced time on site, and less need for skilled labour

Occupancy Lighting Control

Occupancy lighting controls were included in the WC areas. These ensure that lights will only remain on when needed, and save energy by automatically switching off when an area is vacant. flex7 lighting controls simply plug into any flex7 eZeBox

Corridor Hold

Gloucester Services, operated by the Westmorland family is a £40m project, situated between junction 11a and 12, has no franchises, and focuses on sourcing everything locally. Food is prepared by skilled chef’s onsite, with a farm shop selling local produce also on site Westmorland, the company behind the services place a great emphasis on connecting with the local community. Produce is sourced from 130 suppliers within a 30 mile radius of the site. The company work closely with their charity partners Gloucester Gateway Trust and over the next 20 years will donate £10 million of their profit to chosen local charities

Download Gloucester Westmorland Services Case Study