flex7 lighting connection and control products were installed throughout the £5m Bicester Community Hospital Development. The two-storey 12 bed facility consists of a first aid unit, ambulance base, offices, out of hours and out-patients areas, and services including x-ray and physiotherapy. It was awarded a BREEAM rating of ‘Excellent’.

Bicester Community Hospital
Bicester Community Hospital
Bicester Community Hospital
Bicester Community Hospital

Essential and Non-Essential Supply Control

Flex products were chosen because they were able to supply an LCM that would meet the demands of the essential/non-essential supply. The flex7 eZeBox Dual Supply Range makes it possible to independently control two groups of luminaires, each separately supplied by its own protective device at the distribution board. The desired supply split point is factory configured to order.

Special Switching

Special switching with a night light setting was required in all bedrooms. flex7 were able to provide specially configured luminaire leads and controls to meet this requirement. 3 position latched switches were used in each bedroom to provide the options: switch position 1 – lights on full, switch position 2 – lights off and switch position 3 – lights turn on to a pre-set night light setting

BREEAM Excellent

The scheme achieved a BREEAM rating of ‘Excellent’, and incorporates lighting control, solar panels and a solar chimney. flex7 energy saving daylight linking lighting controls were used along the window row of light fittings in all treatment rooms. These controls will adjust lights up or down depending on the amount of natural daylight in the room. By dimming lights down when natural light is sufficient, energy usage is kept to a minimum, while lighting is still kept at the optimum level for occupants.

Lighting Control

flex7 absence or occupancy lighting controls were installed throughout the majority of the building, ensuring that lights will automatically switch off in unoccupied areas, after a set timeout period. The timeout period can be chosen by the user, and programmed using a simple remote control.

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