Starter Lighting Distribution Box

The Starter Lighting Distribution Box is at the heart of the flex7 lighting connection range and at its simplest provides for plug-in connection of multiple luminaires controlled by a single switch or control device. In common with all units in the range the type of lighting control can be simple on/off or dimmable. If using third party control products (i.e. switches/sensors) they will require hard wiring to the input terminals provided, but for ease of installation we strongly recommend selecting the appropriate control from our extensive range of plug-in lighting control devices. Reserve one outlet for this method.
fsu04 flex7 lighting distribution box
  • Outlets rated 16A 230V. Total system rating 16A.
  • Large capacity input terminals can accept 3 x 2.5mm², 2 x 4mm² or 1 x 6 mm² conductors.
  • 7-pole – ideal for on/off or dimming control
  • End outlet can be used as a spare, or to plug-in additional units.
  • All units come with unique snap on/off single point fixing brackets.

All Starter Units have an additional inline socket at one end. Use like any other outlet, or as the ideal connection point for plugging in further units. This offers enormous flexibility to easily create tailored connection and control solutions.


Use end socket as a spare outlet, but if more outlets are required – plug in an Expansion Unit – and utilise the existing control OR a Tap-off Unit – which will require independent plug-in control. In either case, units can plug in direct ‘unit to unit’ or via a suitable interconnecting lead – Expansion Lead or Tap-off Lead

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