Expansion Lighting Distribution Box

Plugged in via an appropriate Expansion Lead or direct ‘unit to unit’ an Expansion Unit, as its name implies, simply expands the capacity of the preceding unit it is plugging into. For example plugging a 4-way Expansion Unit into an 8-way Starter Unit provides a combined unit of 12 ways. Clearly all connected luminaires will operate together, and it is useful to note that where using a plug-in control device it won’t matter which outlet or which unit it is plugged into.
flex7 Expansion Lighting Distribution Box
  • Outlets rated 16A 230V. Total system rating 16A.
  • 7-pole – ideal for on/off or dimming control
  • Inline outlet at end – use as a spare or to plug in additional units.
  • Integral inline plug provides secure linkage to the inline outlet of the preceding unit.
  • All units come with unique snap on/off single point fixing brackets.

Note: All luminaires will be controlled as one. If using a plug-in control device it can be plugged into any spare outlet on the run.