Expansion Lighting Distribution Box

Use to expand the capacity of your preceding Distribution Box eg. plugging a 4-way Expansion Box into amn 8-way Starter Box provides a total of 12 outlets. Luminaires and Control Module can be plugged into any outlet in either Distribution Box. All connected luminaires will operate together, switching on/off or dimming to the same level in unison.
flex7 Expansion Lighting Distribution Box

Key Features

  • Outlets rated 16A 230V. Total system rating 16A.
  • 7-pole – ideal for on/off or dimming control
  • Plug-in directly unit to unit or via suitable Expansion Lead.

Using an Expansion box

If you want to add extra luminiares at any stage you just need to plug an Expansion Box into your Starter Box to provide extra outlets.

You can plug them in direct unit-to-unit, or via a lead

flex7 Lighting Distribution Boxes connected box to box or via lead

Ordering information

Product description Part number
2-way Expansion Distribution Box FXU02
4-way Expansion Distribution Box FXU04
6-way Expansion Distribution Box FXU06
8-way Expansion Distribution Box FXU08
10-way Expansion Distribution Box FXU10
12-way Expansion Distribution Box FXU12