Expansion leads

Where an Expansion Unit is required to be remote from its preceding unit, plug them together via an Expansion Lead. For example you may wish to keep all the luminaire leads short along a corridor by using more than one unit linked together via Expansion Leads. Expansion Leads also offer the perfect opportunity for Expansion Units to become part of an interconnection system radiating from a Hub Unit – particularly ideal for the distribution of intelligent control from a central source (i.e DALI bus).
  • All Expansion Leads are 16A rated.
  • Available in 1.50mm² and 2.50mm² LSHF flexible cable or 1.50mm² and 2.50mm² LSHF cores in 16mm dia. plastic flexible conduit.
  • Strong latches to ensure secure connection.

Expansion Leads would normally need to be 7-core in order to precisely expand the original units, however if your particular installation does not utilize all 7 poles, for example if your lights are not dimmable, a 5-core expansion lead will suffice.

Note: All luminaires will be controlled as one. If using a plug-in control devices it can be plugged into any spare outlet on the run.

Use for installations that need to control dimmable fittings.

Use for installations where control of fittings is simple on/off.