Dual Control Lighting Distribution Box

Use to control 2 groups of luminaires independently of each other. One control module is required for each group of luminaires. All flex7 Lighting Distribution Boxes support standard (on/off) or dimmable lighting control, emergency or non-emergency.  Ideal for controlling luminaires adjacent to windows separately to those further away.
Dual Control eZeBox
  • Outlets rated 16A 230V. Total system rating 16A.
  • Large capacity input terminals can accept 3 x 2.5mm², 2 x 4mm² or 1 x 6 mm² conductors.
  • 7-pole – ideal for on/off or dimming control
  • End outlet can be used as a spare, or to plug-in additional units.
  • All units come with unique snap on/off single point fixing brackets.

Use end socket as a spare outlet (for control B), but for more outlets plug in an
Expansion Unit – and utilise the existing ‘control B’
OR a
Tap-off Unit – which will require independent ‘plug-in control’.
Note: In either case units can plug in direct ‘unit to unit’ or via
a suitable interconnecting lead.