Supply Tap-off Lighting Distribution Box

The Supply Tap-off Unit is a convenient method for extending the supply from any preceding unit whilst allowing the additional lighting to be independently controlled. Note that the connected luminaires on a Supply Tap-off Unit can only be controlled by a suitable plug-in control device so ensure you reserve a spare outlet for this purpose. The unit plugs in either direct ‘unit to unit’, or if required as part of an interconnection system, via a suitable Supply Tap-off Lead . Units would typically be plugged in ‘unit to unit’ when for example a room requires two or more control circuits. By choosing the number and size of the units and the type of plug-in control, virtually any lighting control philosophy can be realised.
flex7 Expansion Lighting Distribution Box
  • Outlets rated 16A 230V. Total system rating 16A.
  • 7-pole – ideal for on/off or dimming control
  • Inline outlet at end – use as a spare or to plug in additional units.
  • Integral inline plug provides secure linkage to the inline outlet of the preceding unit.
  • All units come with unique snap on/off single point fixing brackets.

Note: Supply Tap-off Units can only be controlled by a plug-in control device