2-Pole Auxiliary Adaptor Box

Use as a convenient point of termination for the fixed wiring of a 3rd party's 2-wire control or monitoring system (eg. a centralised emergency luminaire monitoring system). Attaches directly onto any flex7 Distribution Box (6-way or larger), providing a single point for the connection/disconnection of a luminaire's power, control, plus 3rd party's monitoring etc. connect the 3rd party's device using an Auxiliary Adaptor Box Plug, which simply plugs into one of the Auxiliary Adaptor Box's outlets.
flex7 Auxillary Adaptor Box 4-way

Key Features

  • 4 outlets rated at 10A 50V. Total system rating 10A.
  • 4 x terminals, each accept up to 1 x 1.50mm² conductor.
  • Fixes easily to any flex7 Lighting Distribution Box at the time of installation or as a retrofit.
  • A single position for plugged connection/disconnection of all a luminaire’s electrical requirements.

Using an Auxiliary Adaptor Box

How to use an Auxiliary Adaptor Box

Ordering information

Product description Part number
4-way Auxiliary Adaptor Box FAA2/04