Supply Tap-off Leads

Where a Tap-off Unit is required to be remote from its preceding unit, plug them together via a Supply Tap-off Lead. This combination provides the perfect solution for distributing one circuit supply over perhaps several rooms or areas, thus saving valuable installation time, as only the original source unit requires fixed wiring termination. Using a Supply Tap-off Lead also opens up the possibility of connecting to sources other than Starter Units. For example: Using a Single Socket Outlet as the initial source simplifies and standardizes the first fix leaving complete flexibility to choose the correct plug-in unit/s at the second fix. Alternatively, and for the complete interconnection system, use a Hub Unit which offers 6 independent supplies from one unit
  • All Tap-off Leads are 16A rated.


  • All Tap-off Leads are 16A rated and are available in 1.50mm² or 2.50mm² LSHF flexible cable or 1.50mm² or 2.50mm² LSHF cores in 16mm dia. plastic flexible conduit


  • Strong latches to ensure secure connection.

Supply Tap-off Leads are available in 3 or 4 core depending on whether an emergency test is required locally on each unit, or globally across one unit to the next

Note: All luminaires will be controlled as one. If using a plug-in control devices it can be plugged into any spare outlet on the run.

Use where the emergency test is common to all interconnected units.

Use for installations where each interconnected unit has its own plug-in emergency test facility.