Hub Unit

Protected by 6 separate devices at the distribution board. Use a hub to provide up to 6 individual supplies housed in a single enclosure. From there plug-in Expansion Boxes, Tap-off Boxes, Single, or Double Extender Leads as required. A Hub is essentially 6 separate 7-pole single Socket Outlets housed in one enclosure into which can be terminated a suitable multi-core cable carrying power and, where necessary control wiring. It can accommodate supplies on a different phases and any additional control wiring as required eg. DALI.

Key Features

  • Outlets rated 16A 230V.
  • Terminals accept 1×10.00mm², 2×4.00mm², 3×2.5mm², conductors.
  • 2 holes 25mm∅ and 1-hole 32mm∅ for cable entry.
  • Simple to wire with easy access for a power screwdriver.

Using The Hub

flex7 Hub Box connected to Lighting Distribution Boxes

Ordering information

Product description Part number
6-circuit Hub FHU06