Hub Unit

To achieve further savings in installation time and for maximum flexibility why not choose a Hub Unit to feed up to to 6 separate runs of interconnected Lighting Distribution Boxes. A Hub Unit can be considered as 6 Single Socket Outlets that, for convenience have been housed in one enclosure.This allows the installer to consolidate the supply wiring to just one multi-core from the lighting distribution board, with the added benefit that terminating the supplies can now be carried out in one place. Internal separation of the 6 circuits is such that mixed phases can safely be supplied and as they employ the same 16A 7-pole type outlets, Hub Units are equally at home distributing just lighting supply or lighting supply + control.
  • Outlets rated 16A 230V.
  • Terminals accept 1×10.00mm², 2×4.00mm², 3×2.5mm², conductors.
  • 2 holes 25mm∅ and 1-hole 32mm∅ for cable entry.
  • Simple to wire with easy access for a power screwdriver.