flex7 installed at Chase Farm Hospital

Flex7 lighting connection and control products were recently installed at Chase Farm Hospital, part of Barnet Enfield and Haringey Mental Health Trust.

The project is part of The Government’s pledge to eradicate dormitory accommodation from mental health facilities. Silver Birches Ward at Chase Farm Hospital was one of the sites included when the first 21 NHS Trusts to receive funding were announced in October 2020.

Dormitory accommodation was replaced with individual en-suite bedrooms that ensure patients a higher level of safety and privacy. Flex7 Dual Supply Lighting Distribution Boxes were used throughout the project. They allow the independent control of two groups of luminaires, each separately supplied by its own protective device at the distribution board. They’re ideal for use in hospitals where an essential and a non-essential supply are required.

Using a Dual Supply Box made it possible to share power across a bedroom and en-suite, with separate control requirements. Presence detection was provided in the en-suite bathrooms, and manual switching in the bedrooms. A 3rd circuit was provided by plugging a flex7 Supply Tap-off Box into the end-socket of the Dual Supply Box. A Supply Tap-off Box is a convenient method for extending the supply from any preceding unit whilst allowing the additional lighting to be independently controlled. In this case staff needed to be able to switch a nightlight on/off from outside the room, to check on patients during the night without disturbing them.

Things to consider when installing lighting controls in hospitals and healthcare environments.