River Ness Hotel, Inverness Bedroom

Flex7’s Hotel Room Energy-Saving Kit was installed in all 76 bedrooms of the River Ness Hotel in Inverness.

The hotel is part of the Radisson Group and includes a bistro, bar and gym. It is Scotland’s first Radisson Individual Hotel.

The Hotel Room Energy-Saving Kit is a solution for hotels, that uses occupancy sensing to control power in hotel bedrooms. The kit from flex7 provides an energy-efficient alternative to a traditional keycard system, which can easily be overridden with a spare card so that power is kept on constantly. The Hotel Room Energy-Saving Kit in contrast ensures that power is only kept on when needed. It automatically turns power on when someone enters the room, and off when the room is vacated. As well as saving energy by guaranteeing that power is only kept on when the room is occupied, it is also a much more convenient option for guests.

The kit is extremely easy to install. Just like the rest of the flex7 range everything plugs together, so valuable time can be saved during installation. Occupancy sensor heads are installed in the bedroom and ensuite. Power in the hotel room is triggered on when the door opens, and someone enters. Occupancy is then monitored, and power remains on while the room is occupied. If the door is opened and closed the system monitors occupancy in the bedroom and ensuite for 10 seconds (timeframe is adjustable). If someone is detected in either space then power remains on. If after 10 seconds no occupancy has been detected, then power will switch off.

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