More than 10,000 flex7 Single Socket Outlets and almost 8000 flex7 6-core Luminaire Leads have been used in the £267m Midland Metropolitan University Hospital project.

Currently due for completion in 2023 the hospital will house 670 acute inpatient beds. 50% of the beds will be in single rooms, with bathrooms. The Hospital is being built over 16 acres and will have approximately 80,000 square metres of floorspace. It is set to be one of most technologically advanced in the region, and provide state-of-the-art care and treatment to its patients.

Flex7 products were chosen for several reasons: It’s a 7-pole system, it’s easy to install, the products are of the highest quality, and they are all made in Britain.

Flex7 Single Socket Outlets offer substantial wiring space, large capacity terminals and the ability to be fitted to either a conduit box or to trunking. Flex7 Luminaire Leads are manufactured in LSHF, in accordance with BS EN 50525-3-11 and CPR rated to category Cca to meet all safety requirements for public buildings. They simply plug straight into a Single Socket Outlet, guaranteeing a speedy installation.