Harwell Campus

Harwell Science and Technology Campus is one of the leading science and innovation campuses in Europe. It is home to national and international institutions including The Science and Technology Facilities Council, The European Space Agency, The Medical Research Council and The UK Space Gateway.

This project perfectly demonstrated how easy it is to upgrade or reconfigure a lighting installation using flex7 lighting connection and control products. The space was reconfigured from 1 large open space into 12 smaller areas, with occupancy sensing in each one.

Part of the Runway Buildings, 152 Eighth Street was originally one large open plan office. The space has now been transformed into 12 small offices with the help of the flex7 range. The building was already fitted out with flex7 products so extra lighting controls, Tap-off Lighting Distribution Boxes and Luminaire Leads were ordered to complete the new layout. Flex7 Tap-off Boxes allowed the installer to take power from a Starter Lighting Distribution Box already in situ, but retain separate control of the lighting in each area. They were an ideal solution, as they could simply be plugged into the existing system to provide independently controlled lighting for each of the 12 offices. Once a tap-off box was installed in an individual office it was simply a case of plugging in luminaire leads, and a flex7 lighting control device and sensor head to complete the new lighting layout. It’s an incredibly quick and easy way to update an existing installation, with minimal disruption on site.

FNC4000X/AB lighting control devices and plug-in network leads were used to network luminaires in corridor and circulation areas. This means that they can be switched on as one, while the individual offices retain independent control.

The whole project was completed extremely quickly, with no need for any commissioning.

Using a flex7 Tap-off Lighting Distribution Box

Using a flex7 Tap-off Box

The above image show what was originally 1 large office. It has been reconfigured to create 2 separate spaces, that require individual control; absence for the Office; occupancy for the Store Cupboard. Further information on how flex7 Tap-off Boxes can be used

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