High-spec, modern office space with flex7 lighting connection and controls installed throughout

Flex7 lighting connection and control products have been installed in a large, high-spec office workspace in London’s Covent Garden

The 29,500 square foot office building comprises a range of modern, flexible working spaces. A series of co-working and private offices are spaced out over 5 floors, and available to hire as required.

Flex7 ZoneLite Lighting Control Modules, and Scene Set Plates were used in all kitchen and breakout areas. The flex7 ZoneLite is a lighting connection & control solution in one, that comes preprogrammed with up to 14 distinct lightings scenarios. It’s configured for use in single, multiple or open plan offices, & retail environments, so was ideal for use on the project. The flex7 wall-mounted Scene Set Plate allows you to set up 4 lighting scenes, and instantly recall them with the simple press of a button. Scenes can be further adjusted while in use, by dimming up/down individual channels, to create a tailor-made lighting scene.

Flex7 VF type Control Modules were used throughout the building. These control modules offer an extra, volt-free output that can be used alongside the lighting output. This extra output was used for the air conditioning, to ensure that both lights and air conditioning are automatically turn off when a room or area is not in use.

Photo credit: Wework