flex7 lighting connection and control products are being used in the impressive 150,000sqft building which was bought by The Office Group, for development into rented office space.

One of The Office Group’s key objectives is creating spaces that are ‘flexible to allow businesses to thrive’. To cater for this, a key requirement for the project was a flexible lighting system, as all areas will be subject to change on a fairly regular basis.

The beauty of the flex7 System of lighting connection and control products is that it can be reconfigured remarkably easily. The entire system uses simple plug-together connection, which means that existing luminaires can be regrouped, extra luminaires can be added, and controls can be added or upgraded by simply unplugging/plugging-in whatever is required.

Extra lighting distribution boxes can easily be added if outlets for more luminaires are required after the project is completed. Depending on the type of box you choose these lights can be added to an existing group or create a new independently controlled group of lights. Luminaires can be moved from one group to another by simply unplugging a luminaire lead from one lighting distribution box and plugging it into another.

Flex7 Lighting Control Devices also plug into our lighting distribution boxes, so extra controls can be added if needed. All boxes are 7-pole, so it’s not a problem if you need to upgrade from simple on/off control to dimming control, as/when user requirements change.

Along with existing office space spread over 9 floors, a communal lounge, quiet co-working areas, a café, retail space and event and gym facilities will be added.