flex7 lighting connection and control, Made in Britain

Made in Britain – three words synonymous the world over with quality. We’re very proud to say that our lighting connection & control system and Prota plug-in ceiling rose are most definitely home grown.

Along with any associated injection mould tools, press tools, assembly jigs & fixtures, testers etc. flex7 products are designed in-house at our Berkshire HQ.

Moulded components are made in Cumbria. Pressed parts are made in the West Midlands. Circuit boards for our control devices are made in Bedfordshire or Hampshire. All of these piece parts and sub-assemblies come back into our Berkshire facility where they’re assembled into the finished flex7 products familiar to you.

Choosing to use flex7 not only guarantees you’ll be getting a great quality product, but our policy to manufacture in Britain mitigates, as far as is possible at least, many of the potential supply chain issues we’d be exposed to were we to opt to work with partners in more far flung places than Cumbria or the West Midlands.

If you’re wondering why I’m telling you this now, or why you should even care, to quote James Carville’s 1992 slogan, “It’s the economy, ……”. The UK economy has taken a battering in the past 12 months. GDP down; failing businesses; lost jobs – These are challenging times to say the least.

Every flex7 product manufactured supports a number of businesses right here in the UK and safeguards hundreds of precious jobs as a direct result. Using flex7 products on your next installation won’t make the same kind of difference to our world that Covid-19 vaccines will, but it will provide a little shot in the arm of our country’s economic recovery.

flex7, Made in Britain, not just assembled here.