The project utilises flex7 plug-in switches, and uses a mix of presence and absence detection throughout.

The Pinnacle offers high-quality commercial offices to let. The building achieved a BREEAM rating of ‘excellent’ and uses an impressive range of energy efficient and environmentally sustainable solutions. It has thermally efficient glazing, reduced CO2 emissions, and a turbine generated power supply, and an EPC rating of C71.

DALI dimming with daylight linking is being utilised in all open office areas. This means that whenever possible, lights automatically dim down to take advantage of natural light coming through the windows. If natural light falls below a certain preset level then lights will turn back on full again.

Flex7 plug-in switches were ordered in white, with a matching white decorative fascia. These switches incorporate RJ connectivity, meaning that no on-site termination is required; the switch drop simply plugs-in. Switches are available in a black or white finish, depending on requirements. They are designed to clip directly into any manufacturer’s 50 x 50 Euromod decorative fascia, ensuring seamless integration with the specified accessories.