Qbic Hotel Bedroom Manchester

Flex7 lighting connection and control products were installed at Qbic Brussels and Qbic Manchester. Qbic Brussels is a 24-room hotel with a restaurant, gym, private karaoke room, and cinema. Qbic Manchester has 243 bedrooms, a restaurant, fitness studio and meeting spaces.

Qbic have developed a patented technique for building hotel bedrooms that takes them from an empty shell to a fully equipped bedroom in 6 hours. To help them to achieve this we developed a bespoke 25-way Lighting Distribution Box for the projects. The Distribution Box was installed behind a false wall behind the headboard. It was used to plug-in all the lighting in the room, and also provide power for the keycard entry system, and power sockets in the room. Providing this simple plug-together system meant that the only wiring involved was live, neutral and earth into the lighting distribution box. Once this was wired everything else could simply be plugged in.

You can watch a Qbic hotel bedroom being built here https://qbichotels.com/about-qbic/

Qbic Hotels place a lot of emphasis on the importance of being an ‘eco-friendly green hotel’. Solar panels Flex7 lighting controls were installed in bedrooms and corridors. flex7 provided energy saving lighting controls to help them in their bid to reduce energy wastage. Occupancy controls were installed in bedrooms and corridors. Lights are programmed to turn on when occupancy is sensed in corridors and bedrooms, and off again once areas are vacated to prevent unnecessary energy usage. Sensor heads come with a 20-minute timeout as standard, but this can be adjusted as needed. A mere 40mm diameter at their widest point flex7 sensor heads are very discreet, and blend in easily with their surroundings.

Solar panels have been installed on the roof of Qbic Hotel Manchester, and any energy used that is not created by these is provided from 100% renewable sources. The building achieved a BREEAM rating of very good.

Qbic Brussels provide electric car charging points for guests.