£42 million world-class National Treatment Centre, Highland. 24-bed inpatient rooms, 5 operating theatres and clinics and outpatient departments offering healthcare for bone, muscle and eye conditions.

Starter and Dual Supply Lighting Distribution Boxes, flex7 Luminaire Leads and Prota plug-in ceiling roses were supplied.

Flex7 Dual Supply Lighting Distribution Boxes are ideal for use in hospitals where an essential and non-essential supply are required. The box allows independent control of two groups of luminaires each of which is supplied by its own separate protective device at the distribution board. All Lighting Distribution Boxes in the range are 7-pole, so lighting controls used can be simple on/off or dimming

Over 1700 5-core Luminaire leads were used on the project, in a variety of lengths. A mixture of white and red Prota Decorative covers and white and red flex7 plugs were used on the project to allow for easy identification of standard and emergency luminaires.

Standard flex7 Luminaire Leads simply plug straight into a Lighting Distribution Box allowing for incredibly quick and easy connection of luminaires.

Prota plug-in ceiling roses can be used as a more aesthetically pleasing solution, in areas where lighting connection cannot be hidden. The surface-mounted plug-together ceiling rose is available in 3-7 pole options. Decorative covers are available in white, black and red options.