ZoneLite Lighting Control Module

ZoneLite combines all the features of a flex7 lighting distribution box with the power of 4 integrated and fully networked control modules, making it possible to connect and control 4 groups of luminaires from a central point. There are 2 variants; Type T and Type G. Type T is aimed at education environments such as schools, colleges and universities. Type G lends itself more to commercial installations; offices retail etc. Both types are so flexible however that either can be ideally suited to a whole host of installations and applications.
ZoneLite Lighting Control Module

Each variant is pre-configured with 15 on-site selectable lighting scenarios, so there’s one to suit most installation requirements, whether the luminaires are split across 4 individual rows or over 4 individual rooms.

ZoneLite’s onboard control software allows the following options to be easily applied in a group by group basis by the installer. This negates the need for specialist and expensive commissioning.

ZoneLite utilises the flex7 philosophy of plug-in Sensor Heads, switches, and scene set plates, dramatically reducing the number of on-site terminations required, making for quick, cost-effective installation and maintenance as a result.

Key features

  • Control up to 4 lighting channels.
  • Available with 4, 16 or 20 outlets.
  • 15 preconfigured lighting layout options.
  • No commissioning required

ZoneLite can also accept up to 3 global switch commands:

Emergency test – Test all emergency fittings.

Last Man Out – Turn off all connected luminaires.

All Lighting On – Turn all connected luminaires on.

  • Occupancy
  • Absence
  • Manual Switching and/or dimming
  • Daylight linking
  • Offset daylight linking
  • Scene setting and recall
  • Light level set back
  • Emergency luminaire test
  • ‘Last Man Out’ function
  • ‘All on’ function
flex7 ZoneLite lighting control module

ZoneLite Control Module – Type T

Use for teaching spaces, teaching spaces with adjoining cloakrooms, and meeting rooms.

Ordering info

Product description Part number
ZoneLite 4-way, 4 channel, Type T FZL04T1111
ZoneLite 16-way, 4 channel, Type T FZL16T4354
ZoneLite 20-way, 4 channel, Type T FZL20T5465

ZoneLite Control Module – Type G

Use for single, multiple or open plan offices, meeting rooms and retail environments.

Ordering info

Product description Part number
ZoneLite 4-way, 4 channel, Type G FZL04G1111
ZoneLite 16-way, 4 channel, Type G FZL16G4354
ZoneLite 20-way, 4 channel, Type G FZL20G5465