Control Plus Networking Adaptors and Leads

Control Plus networking is a simple way of sharing up to 5 signals between control devices on a network. there is nothing to program, and you won't need a computer. Just link the required number Control Packs together with plug-in network leads. These connect into each Control Pack via a special network 'Y' adaptor. Selecting the correct adaptor decides which of the 5 signals the control pack will share with others on the network. These are: 3 x Switch (inputs) Simply share these inputs between same type control packs to allow global activation of all connected switches. For example: If your Control Packs have the additional facility for emergency test then 1 key switch can initiate the test on multiple control packs, even when controlling lights on different circuits or dissimilar phases. 1 x Occupancy (input/output) Share this output to make occupancy global. Useful for large areas controlled by many individual Control Packs on different circuits, where occupancy anywhere is required to operate all the lights. 1 x Corridor Hold (output) Linking this output will have no observable effect on connected control packs, but will allow this group, via a Corridor Hold Unit to operate and hold corridor lighting on.
  • Control up to 5 control devices
  • No programming required
Ordering Control Plus Network Adaptors

Ordering Control Plus Network Leads