Single Socket Outlets

A 7-pole Single Socket Outlet can be used as an alternative where a Starter Distribution Box is not required, or is deemed unsuitable to start a run of interconnected eZeBox Unit/s. It is not possible to directly plug an Expansion Box or Tap-off Box into a Single Socket Outlet, so a suitable interconnecting lead will always be required – Expansion Lead or Tap-off Lead. Substantial wiring space, large capacity terminals and the ability to be fitted to either a conduit box or to trunking, make the Single Socket Outlet an ideal candidate to initiate an interconnected system of unit/s. For example, you may wish to standardize the first fix, or possibly the lighting design is not yet finalised. In either case installing a Single Socket Outlet can dispense with any further on site terminations of fixed wiring leaving complete flexibility to choose the correct plug-in unit/s and control/s for the second fix.
  • Outlets rated 16A 230V.
  • Terminals accept 1×10.00mm², 2×4.00mm², 3×2.5mm², conductors.
  • Mount to a conduit box screws (screws supplied) or to trunking, cable basket or tray.
  • Integral inline plug provides secure linkage to the inline outlet of the preceding unit.
  • Simple to wire with easy access for a power screwdriver.

Always use either the 7-pole type Single Socket Outlets when using for the purpose of feeding an interconnected system.

Use either: And Expansion Lead to feed an Expansion Unit or a Tap-off Lead to feed a Tap-off Unit.