Series 1000 (non-dimming) Occupancy Sensor Kits

The flex7 fns1200 is an occupancy sensor kit that comes complete with a control device, occupancy sensor head and link lead. This occupancy sensor switches lights on when presence is detected in a room or area, and off if absence is detected for a period equal to its programmed timeout. The timeout period can be programmed to your requirements, using a flex7 Setup Remote Control. The flex7 fns1400 is an occupancy sensor with added daylight dependency. This version not only switches lights on and off according to occupancy in a room, but will also switch the lights off whenever there is adequate daylight. Typically, this means lights are off during normal daylight hours.
Occupancy sensor kits
  • Occupancy Sensing
  • Daylight Dependency Option
  • Discreet Sensor Head
  • Increase detection range 6 fold  by adding extra sensor heads
  • Adjustable timeout period
  • Supply Voltage: 230V~ 50hz
  • Load rating at 230V: 6A max.
Occupancy Sensor Head: fnh200 or Occupancy Sensor Head with daylight dependency:fnh400
Lighting Control Device: fnc1000/u
Sensor Link Lead: fsl__

Note that if the ceiling height increases so too will the range of the occupancy sensor head, but sensitivity to smaller movements will reduce. The opposite is true if the ceiling height is reduced

The detection range of an occupancy sensor can be increased up to 6 fold by adding Slave Occupancy Heads (5 max.) in parallel with the existing head. Ideal for corridors and large or odd shaped areas.

All sensors come factory set with a 20 minute timeout but for other times (2, 5, 10, 20 or 40) or to setup the light level for daylight dependency version, a Setup Remote Control is required.


For additional coverage for the end user a User Remote Control is available. Unit comes with its own wall mounted holster.