Hotel Room Control Kit

Flex7 have developed a simple, intelligent control system to replace inefficient card systems, and prevent needless energy wastage

Until now, the most commonly used method to control the electrical supply to lights, socket outlets and A/C in a hotel room has been via a keycard or fob activation switch. The occupant of the room activates the power by inserting their keycard or fob into a holder, and power remains on until the card is removed. The problem with this system is that a spare card can be left inserted in the switch while the room is empty. This wastes valuable energy and undoubtedly costs the hotel huge amounts of money when taking into account how many rooms may be affected over the course of a year. This problem is now a thing of the past. Flex Connectors have developed a simple, intelligent control system to replace inefficient card systems, and prevent needless energy wastage. The system is suitable for use in new build applications and retrofit options. The kit uses occupancy sensing to turn power on when someone enters their hotel room, and automatically turn it off when the occupant leaves. The system has been developed to ensure quick and easy installation by a qualified electrician. Products are modular, and plug together, resulting in a fast, trouble-free install. Furthermore, The System operates at Protected Extra Low Voltage (PELV) making it a safe option to use in spaces accessed by the general public. Sensor heads are small and unobtrusive ensuring they blend seamlessly with the room’s décor, and the flashing LED is only active during commissioning. The control kits are designed to operate in a single bedroom with adjoining bathroom, but can easily be expanded to operate in a multi-room suite of almost any size. for more info contact us on +44 20 8580 1066
Hotel Room Control Kit
  • Quick & simple installation
  • Retrofit installation to replace existing card system
  • Energy saving
  • Plug and play system requiring no commissioning
  • Completely automated system

When the bedroom door is opened a magnetic door contact opens and the controller initiates the power
supply. Power will remain on as long as the door is open. When the door closes the following steps are
automatically carried out by the system:

  • The power supply is held on.
  • For the next 10 seconds (adjustable) the system monitors the space for occupancy via sensor
  • heads installed in the bedroom and en-suite whilst continuing to maintain the supply.
  • If a person is detected in the room, then power will remain on until the door is opened again.
  • If no occupancy is detected within the 10 second time frame power to the room will switch off.

The above process is repeated every time the door is opened and closed, ensuring power remains on if the
room is occupied, but is immediately turned off once the room is empty.

As a safeguard, if the power is off in a bedroom, but occupancy is detected, regardless of the state of the
door switch, the output will switch on and remain on until the door is opened again.