ZoneLite Type T – Education

A lighting connection & control solution in one, that comes preprogrammed with up to 15 distinct lighting scenarios. Configured for use in classrooms, meeting rooms and educational environments. Offering a prefabricated alternative to traditional wiring, the ZoneLite Type T is designed for use in educational environments. It provides options for absence/presence/daylight linking/graduated daylight dimming lighting control, independent switching of whiteboard or projector lights, emergency test, corridor hold, last man out switch and scene setting.
ZoneLite Lighting Control Module
  • Control up to 4 lighting channels.
  • Available with 4, 16 or 20 outlets.
  • 15 preconfigured lighting layout options.
  • No commissioning required

Each ZoneLite can also accept up to 3 global switch commands.

    • Emergency Test – tests emergency fittings.
    • Last Man Out – initiates all connected luminaires off.
    • All Lights On – initiates all connected luminaires on.


Once the ZoneLite has been wired, simply:

Select your configuration

  • Plug-in pre-wired flex7 leads, and connect to luminaires
  • Plug-in sensor heads
  • Plug-in switch drop leads
  • Use Remote Control to make any adjustments to brightness, timeout periods etc.

Installing a ZoneLite1

If the ZoneLite Unit has insufficient outlets use Double Extender Leads to create more.

Configuration Options


Many adaptions to each option are possible during setup