We’re members of Made in Britain

A recent survey by Made in Britain revealed that 91% of Brits felt it was important to buy British-made products, and using the official Made in Britain marque on our website and literature is a really simple way to alert our customers to the fact that all our products are indeed made in Britain.

flex7 is made in britain

Providing a quality product

The UK has always had a reputation for excellence in manufacturing. Sadly, over the last 80 years there has been a sharp decline in British manufacturing. This is in large part due to the availability of cheap imports from abroad. Unfortunately, a drop in price often comes hand in hand with a drop in quality and that’s a compromise we’re not prepared to make. All our products are manufactured to the highest of standards, and we pride ourselves on the quality of their design and engineering.

Our lighting connection and control products are manufactured using tools that we designed and own. We have a close relationship with our component suppliers, all of whom are based in the UK. Injection mouldings come from Cumbria, metal pressings from Worcestershire, turned metal parts from Worcestershire and Staffordshire, and PCBs from Hertfordshire and Hampshire. All these components are delivered to our Twyford factory for assembly into finished products.

Supporting local jobs

According to polls by Made in Britain on Linkedin and Twitter at least 66% of people buy British products because they want to support local jobs. By buying flex7 and Prota products you’ll be supporting not just flex7, but all the other UK businesses we work with, and the jobs that they provide.

Reducing our carbon footprint

Now more than ever before we need to consider the impact that the manufacturing of our products has on the environment. As well as looking for ways to reduce our carbon footprint such as using recycled packaging, our decision to manufacture our products in the UK has helped us minimise travel-related emissions. Our components are all transported to us by lorry or van, rather than plane or boat. The furthest anything travels to reach us is 280 miles from Cumbria.

If you’re interested in the Made in Britain campaign, and would like to know more about what they do you can visit their website

Lighting Distribution Box

flex7 lighting distribution box

Plug-in Ceiling Roses

Prota 3-7 pole Plug In Ceiling Rose

Lighting Controls

Lighting Controls

Plugs, Sockets and Luminaire Leads

Plug and socket

Plug-in Switches

flex7 plug in switches, one in brushed steel with black module, one with white frame, and white module.